At the workshops we are building circuits, writing messages on the river Danube with programmable LED, drawing secret maps with light, and teaching everything to move and draw.

I believe that kids should be technology users and makers at the same time. Not only should they be able to read technology but also write it from an early stage so technology won’t be a black box for them. I highly encourage children to play around with technology in a free manner, without any requirements towards a goal. To modify, shape or create digital devices for fun.Thus, with my co-authors I run workshops for kids to enhance their creativity with interactive systems and to demystify electronic and digital systems for them. I also believe that being an active modifier of the surrounding technical environment as a child can lead them to being active and attentive citizens of the globe later.

Co-authors: Virág Albert, Eszter Bircsák, Melinda Sipos, Balázs Seller

Creative technology workshops have been held at Prezi, Waldorf School Pesthidegkút, Budapest School, Kincskereső School, Makerspace Budapest, Qubit Live at A38, Researcher’s Night at Trafo, Arduino Day Budapest and more.

Partners: Asztalos Attila, smART! XTRA, Let_it_Be art agency, National Cultural Foundation, 

Photos: Virág Albert, Réka Bognár

art and technology researcher
media artist

Barbara Sterk
art and technology researcher
media artist

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