Where is Your Art?

Kinetic Sound Installation

In collaboration with Márton András Juhász, Gergely Kovács and Melinda Matúz
Supported by National Cultural Foundation
Partner: Kitchen Budapest
More info on pressmeprocess.blogspot.com
Venue: Erika Deák  Gallery, Budapest
Curator: Nina Czegledy
Photo: Zoltán Csík-Kovács

The installation was also exhibited at ISEA Electronic Art Festival (Dortmund, Germany), Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts (Minnesota, US), Amber Art and Technology Festival (Istanbul, Turkey). 

“Take a bunch of plushies. Take off their plush. Connect their cables to each other. Now listen to what they say about art.” 

Machine and human power are cross-connected to result in a bizarre discourse on art. Manipulated plush toys – dancing and singing ones – are connected to Twitter’s search engine. Whenever an emerging tweet contains the word “art”, one of the plush robots translates the tweet into speech and tells it to the others.

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